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A growing business is hugely positive! However, it can bring with it a number of challenges. When managing a manufacturing business there are some areas to focus on which will support you in scaling up. That’s why we spoke to Wurkplace, who outlines those key areas and make your life a little easier.


The business structure is an important factor to consider when managing a growing manufacturing business. Manufacturing is unique – The structure differs widely from other sectors such as Tech or Education. With a growing business, it could mean that you will need more managers within the company to lead and inspire their teams.

It is important that promotion decisions are based on something substantial. This could be merit, the person having positive attributes, or the potential to lead a team. Do not just base these decisions on what is operationally strong.

When scaling up your business it is key to have the end goal in mind. Put in place plans/people that will help achieve these goals. Talent management, progression plans, and development plans will support the business in identifying key people for key roles and supporting them in developing for these roles.

Each member of your team should have a clear job description, accompanying objectives, and know the value they add and what is expected of them. Clarity and communication are key.


When growing a business, you should have a robust recruitment process in place to ensure that you have the right team who will encourage and allow your business to grow. Workforce planning will support you in identifying the numbers of people you need, and over what period of growth.  You are looking for the right people at the right time to do the right things! Always remember it is worth investing the time to recruit the right person for your business as they represent you and drive your business success.  People are your biggest assets so make sure that you recruit the best.

You will need to ensure that they fit within your business culture. This will ensure that they work harmoniously with the team but also have a passion, drive and an ability to keep up with the fast-paced growth. Recruitment isn’t just about filling a space, it’s about looking at future performance and potential.

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Training And Development

It is critical when managing a manufacturing business that the people you have recruited have the correct skillset and if not, are provided with the correct training. This applies to everyone that is recruited from the production line to managers to managing directors.

Continuing development is essential in all businesses and is crucial in a growing business.  Train for both technical skills and behaviours.  Set your leaders up to succeed by giving them the confidence to manage and lead fairly, have confident conversations and grow their team through great leadership development.

Policies And Procedures

Clear policies and procedures can support the business by providing transparency and clear guidance as to expectations in areas such as equal opportunities, dignity at work, family friendly policies. They provide clarity and support managers in taking a fair approach in the management decisions of all employees. They can cover areas such as holiday management and absence management. With these in place, everyone is clear on expectations, removing ambiguity and the risk of unfair treatment.

Employees must know the standard set by the company. They must know what to do and the route to take if they need information or support on any element of their role.

It is also important that these policies and practices are updated as necessary at every stage of growth.

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