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The Transaction

Whether it’s asset finance or a business loan, you’ll be paying affordable monthly payments

Existing Client

£75,000 Recovery Loan for a local Agricultural Business who had faced supply issues due to Covid and Brexit.


Commercial Finance experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience, we’re confident that we can find you a finance solution to meet your business’ needs and requirements.

Overview of Agricultural Machinery and Equipment

When farms need new machinery and equipment, it can take its toll on your cashflow if you were to purchase what you need outright. Therefore, we can arrange finance where you will be able to use the machinery or equipment straight away whilst you pay affordable monthly instalments.

There a different options available to suit your needs: Hire Purchase, Lease and Refinance

What Agricultural Plant and Machinery can we help with?

We can provide finance on new and used machinery and equipment at competitive rates, by utilising our panel of lenders.

  • Arable Equipment and Machinery
  • Soil Cultivation Machinery
  • Planting Machinery
  • Dairy Machinery
  • Cattle Equipment
  • Loader Equipment
  • Fertilising Equipment and Spreaders
  • Harvesters and Sorting Equipment 
  • Agricultural Robots 

How to find specialist agricultural machinery and equipment?

In some cases, lenders won’t lend against certain assets because they are too specialist or doesn’t meet the lender’s asset finance criteria.

However, that doesn’t mean the desired asset isn’t available on finance. We’ll look at different options such as refinancing, business loans and the Recovery Loan.

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