Recruitment Invoice Finance

Keeping your cashflow healthy & supporting your growth


What Invoice Finance is Available?

There is two options: Factoring and Discounting


How Does It Work?

Release up to 100% of the cash in your invoice within 24 hours

Are you looking for Recruitment Finance?

Overview of Recruitment Invoice Finance

As a recruitment agency, you will be paying for temporary workers and contractors while waiting for their invoices to be paid. On the other hand of things, you will need to focus on the day to day of managing payroll, timesheets and raising and chasing invoices for your business. All of these factors will have an impact on your cashflow.

We have a finance solution designed for recruitment agencies which will improve their cash flow and allow them to develop and grow their business.

How does Recruitment Finance work?

Recruitment finance supports the growth of a business by releasing up to 100% of the cash in an invoice, providing access to cash within 24 hours once the application has been accepted.

What’s the benefits of Recruitment Finance?

  • Reduce the time waiting to be paid – To avoid waiting for your invoice to be paid, you can release the value of your invoices faster, resulting in an improved cashflow
  • Free up your time – Some lenders on your behalf can raise invoices, manage payroll, timesheets and collect invoices
  • Flexibility to manage your finance – Flexible contract and a fee based on your annual turnover, you can manage your finances without the worry of being tied into a long-term contract
  • Manage seasonal fluctuations – You may have a seasonal fluctuation of candidate demands such as Summer and Christmas, recruitment finance can provide the funding so you can manage your cashflow throughout the year more effectively

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