How can your business be more environmentally friendly?

With climate change being one of the biggest concerns for many, can you say that your business is environmentally friendly? Or would you like to make your business eco-friendlier? We have pulled together some ideas on how you can make your business greener but may also save you money.

Switch your company cars to electric vehicles

If you have a fleet of company vehicles which are diesel or petrol cars, you may want to consider switching them to hybrids or electric cars. Hybrids cars release less emissions whilst electric cars don’t release any.  Another benefit is the reduced costs in company car tax.

With more and more car manufacturers making electric vehicles, the specification of vehicles have improved from years ago. Vehicles can travel for longer with charging time being a lot quicker.

    Solar panels

    Solar panels are becoming more popular with lots of residential homes installing them to reduce the cost of their bills. If you own an office or rent out a commercial property, have you thought about installing solar panels?

    On average, solar panels can cover 86% – 106% of your electrical demands; this means that you could be earning money as your surplus will go back to the grid.

    Replace old equipment with more energy efficient equipment

    Nowadays, office equipment is more energy efficient and greener for the environment. For example, many laptops now have energy efficient mode, LED screens and longer battery lives.

    The cost of running the old equipment may be more expensive than purchasing and running the new equipment.  Plus, many new pieces of equipment are refurbished so old pieces of equipment will be recycled but with greener parts.

    A quick and simple change is switching your lightbulbs. If you have halogen bulbs, switch them to LED bulbs. LED bulbs are more expensive however, they last 22 years (25,000 hours) compared to a halogen bulb which lasts 2 years (2,000 hours). Also, if you have any halogen bulbs they can also be recycled.

    Go paperless

    Make your office a paperless office which means reducing the amount that you’re printing. You can do this by emailing out paperwork to your customers where possible, have a to do list on your computer and use collaborative team softwares such as Google Sheets and Trello for projects.

    If you do need to print anything out, don’t forget to recycle!

    Recycle or up-cycle any office furniture

    You may be looking to update your office furniture as it may be outdated or a little worse for wear. When choosing new furniture it’s best to go for something that is hard wearing and built meaning you won’t need to replace it anytime soon.

    Any old furniture can be up-cycled and given a new lease of life.  There is plenty of furniture companies and individuals who might enjoy giving the furniture a new look and purpose. Alternatively, if it can’t be up-cycled, it’s always best to recycle anything where possible.

    Sometimes, furniture which is hard wearing is more expensive. Therefore, leasing your office furniture is always an option – you won’t need to pay for it all upfront instead you will make monthly affordable payments.

    If you’re looking to update your business and make it more environmentally friendly however, unsure how you’re going to be able to finance it all, don’t hesitate to speak to one of our specialists today. As a finance broker, we’ll speak to our panel of lenders to find the right finance solution for you and your business.

    So, whether you’re looking for finance for your company cars, solar panels or leasing for your office furniture, speak to our dedicated team today! Call 01270 443510 or email enquiries@amplocommercialfinance.co.uk