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Emma Berrisford - Square Photo

Emma Berrisford

Administration Apprentice


I started in college doing my A-levels but felt like it wasn’t for me and then I was offered my apprenticeship with Amplo in something that I wanted to pursue and learn about.

I’ll be working closely with the Commercial Finance team and ensuring that documents are submitted correctly and we have the correctly supporting documents for each client.

What do you love about Amplo?

This is only the start of my second week, and I have never enjoyed learning new things more. No one has ever made me feel silly for not knowing a lot and the office environment is so light hearted and fun, the love in the office is so apparent for every employee and all of us are so valued, as well as still having the serious knowledge part of it. 


Amplo Group
11 Mallard Court, Mallard Way,
Crewe, Cheshire, CW1 6ZQ

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