Hard Asset Finance

Asset Finance helps your business acquire assets to stimulate growth.



Financing for Machinery, Equipment & Commercial Vehicles 


What's the Benefits?

  • It’s sustainable
  • It’s Flexible 
  • Tailored Solution

Helping Your Asset Finance Needs

Overview of Hard Asset Finance

Hard assets are items that tend to hold their value more compared to soft assets such as cars, commercial vehicles, machinery, equipment, manufacturing items.

These types of assets are usually more expensive so purchasing them outright can potentially affect your cash flow massively. Alternatively, you may not have the capital to purchase the assets which is understandable, this is where we will be able to step in and help you.

Asset finance is a type of lending that enables you to acquire the assets your business needs to grow and operate to its full potential by spreading the cost of your purchase.

What assets can you get on finance?

  • Commercial vehicles – HGV’s trailers, lorries, small and large vans
  • Machinery – packaging, laser engraving, compressors and more
  • Construction equipment – cranes, diggers, cement mixers, hot steel rolling machines and more
  • A fleet of Company and Directors vehicles 
  • Agricultural plant and machinery – tractors, livestock trailers, mowers, harvesters and more

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