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Whether it’s asset finance or a business loan, you’ll be paying affordable monthly payments

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£80,000 cashflow finance facility allowed a Digital Media business to bring their marketing spend in-house, increasing profits by 25-35% and reducing costs by 15-20%. 


Commercial Finance experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience, we’re confident that we can find you a finance solution to meet your business’ needs and requirements.

What is VAT Finance?

VAT loans can also bridge the gap between submitting a VAT reclaim to HMRC and receiving the funds which can help to ease a business’ cashflow and improve working capital.

 The typical facility size for these types of loans starts from £10,000 with no upper limit.

The opportunity to make monthly pay payments over a fixed term (e.g. from 3 months to 6 years), provides your business with the vital cash injection to continue operating and paying those vital bills. 

Additionally, if your company is facing a short deadline to pay your VAT bill, VAT finance can help you avoid paying late fees. Furthermore, it can be tax efficient funding as your repayments may be offset against taxable profit. 

VAT Loans for Businesses

A VAT loan gives a business a short-term finance facility to fund the VAT part due on a number of transactions which include but aren’t limited to vehicles, stock, land, property, equipment, plant and machinery + many more.

VAT Loans for Commercial Property Purchases

VAT loans are short-term loans used to cover the VAT element on commercial property purchases. A large proportion of property and land acquisitions are subject to VAT which must be paid in addition to the agreed purchase price which can significantly increase the cost of the transaction.

What are the benefits of using a VAT Finance Facility?

  • Avoid any costly penalties of late payments on your VAT bills
  • Monthly instalments can allow your business to keep a healthy cash flow
  • Spread the cost of your VAT bill over a fixed term

As the HMRC can fine your business up to 15% of your bill for late or zero payment of your VAT bill, a VAT loan can reduce any fees. 

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